Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

What could be fresher than flowers after a summer rain? These were taken with my every handy iPhone using Camera+. (I do have a new camera, I just don’t have a card for it yet ran out of money)

_-fresh-1 _-fresh-2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves 2

Here are a few of my favorite non-living curves!

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch

Glass Spires reaching toward the clouds

Glass Spires reaching toward the clouds

Arches at a mission in San Antonio

Arches at a mission in San Antonio

The underside of a bridge on the San Antonio River walk

The underside of a bridge on the San Antonio River walk

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves 1

It has been a while since I’ve done a weekly challenge. First the photo a day exercise I completed in May took a lot of my time and second, my camera is still in the shop! I don’t really like any of my spares (which is why they are spares), so I’ve been kind of being lazy on the creative front. Thirdly, I’ve gotten way too comfortable relying on my camera phone to worry about taking my spare with me everywhere.

That being said, this image is one I took with my iPhone one day while leaving a garage sale. I just realized yesterday, that the shape of this tree trunk resembles the backside of two people either dancing or embracing!

This couple have some very curvy bottoms, if not a bit rough!

This couple have some very curvy bottoms, if not a bit rough!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

I love photographing patters.

Whether they are repeating . . .

_paterns1 _patterns

In architecture . . .

_patterns4 _patterns-3 _patterns-2

Or in nature . . .

_patterns-6 _patterns-5

Like an erie spider opening up to the sun, this bloom begins to unfurl its petals for all to see.

I adore them! Have a Happy Sunday!

Weekly Photo Challenge 1: Urban

Well, I am attempting to join into the Weekly Photo Challenge; and what would the first challenge be for this country girl? Urban; we are supposed to show what the city looks like in our neck of the woods. Well, my neck of the woods looks like, well woods. You got it, I’m a country girl and although we do have some pretty awesome “urban” areas about 25-30 miles away, I don’t currently have any city shots loaded on my new Mac. (I had over 11,o00 on my pc, but it died and took those photos with it) Not to worry, I do have them all backed up, but they are just not on this computer. And, considering I’m dedicating this week to cleaning my horribly messy workshop (wood, not photos), I don’t have time to look through thousands of backup discs to find city pics. Besides, I’m getting in on this kind of in the middle, so I will we will have to “make do.”

So, I figured I would show you what it looks like around here, just southwest of OCK, OK.

wherever you go this time of year, you can always see row after row of round bales. My favorite time of day is sunup.

Barbed wire and hay pretty much sums up my “urban” area.

The big attraction to my Urban area are the country roads, and more specifically, what artistic treasure I can find on it. Also, my grandchildren are often with me when we visit a local park, sporting event or the sprinkler in my front yard .

I love this old forgotten home surrounded by equally forgotten wild miniature roses.

Our little city recently installed a really cool “urban-like” playground. My second grandson, MacKenzie, shows everyone how “its” done.

Children don’t care about the game, just how much popcorn they can hold in their baseball glove.

Who needs a concrete SprayPark when grandma’s sprinkler is so fun. Owen and Ethan being cousins.

Another really cool thing about living outside of the city, is getting to visit all other cities have to offer, like the Natural History Museum in Norman or the aquarium in Jinks. Again, my grands always seem to take center stage in these shots as well.

My grands are a bit on the Hammy side. They love to pose for the perfect dramatic shot like this one at the Sam Noble Natural History Museum.

My grandson Ethan Danger was caught totally off guard when this puffer fish happened into the shot at the Aquarium in Jinks, OK.

And of course there are the sunrises and sunsets that are simply spectacular in the country away from city lights. Nowhere in a large metropolitan can you see and image of a sunrise unblocked by man-made structures and telephone wires! Don’t get me wrong, I love architecture and the art found in cities (especially doors and windows), but this is what my “city” looks like, I hope you enjoyed coming along with me for a taste of country.

Nothing but sky. 🙂

Okay, I acquiescenced and found one truly Urban shot. It was taken at sunset from my granddaughter Isabelle’s hospital room. Urban sunsets are pretty too. 🙂

Isabelle was in the hospital for over five months getting cured of cancer. This was one of her favorite sights.

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