Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Clouds

Pretty, pretty cloud. Rolling and rumbling through the evening sky chasing the sunset across the plains.

Pretty, pretty clouds. Rolling and rumbling through the evening sky chasing the sunset across the plains. Promises of rain, threats of storms, I love you just the same.

Living in Oklahoma, cloud watching is more about preservation than daydreams. But I love clouds, even the scary ones! Between our violent weather and our amazing sunsets, we get some pretty amazing looking formations. Whether they are black and rolling or colorful and meandering, our clouds are beautiful.

On a crisp sunny day, the pillowing white formations make for a wonderful afternoon of daydreaming with your children: that one looks like a bunny or that one looks like a dragon! Whatever you see is magical.

On a overcast evening, while the sun is setting, you can get colors ranging from the faintest pink to the deepest darkest red. Colors that cause you to stop whatever you are doing, just to watch as the colors fade to black.

And then when cold fronts and warm fronts collide, you get clouds that make you run for cover. I have photographed many of these; ones that looked like a giant rolling cinnamon roll close enough to the roof of my house that I felt like I could reach out and snatch a bite. My children cried for me to come indoors, but I looked at them knowingly that if this cloud did decide to drop out of the sky to form a tornado, the cover of our “center room” would not be enough. Still I photographed.

I cannot find my scary photos, my pics are not archived that well, so its hard to hunt them down without spending hours, if not days looking for that one just right photo. But I did manage to snap a shot the other night of some big rolling clouds just as the sun was setting. These were a combo of beautiful and scary as they marked the huge thunderstorm that rolled in a few minutes after I took the images. They were moving fast and the light was fading equally as quick, so I did not have time for a tripod. Thus, these images are a bit grainy and not nearly as colorful as they were when I went in to retrieve my camera. But they are what they are. 🙂

Storm Cloud 1 storm cloud 2

Have a beautiful and safe spring!

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