Light the lamp, not the Rat! Light the lamp, not the Rat!

Todays writing challenge was to take a line from a favorite movie and write.

Light the lamp, not the Rat! Light the lamp, not the Rat! was spoken by Rizzo the Rat to The Great Gonzo when Gonzo lit his tale on fire while lighting the street lamps. It is one of my most favorite lines from The Muppet Christmas Carol, and the ensuing push into an ice cold bucket of water, only adds to the perfect comedic timing.

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I have so many favorites, but when this line popped into my mind, it shoved any hopes of others out.

That is okay, because it really is one of my favs, simply because it makes me laugh. It also conjures up delightful memories of when we watched it for the very first time with our young daughters.

There is nothing as delightful as a child’s unabashed innocent laughter.

It’s contagious.

It spreads over you like a warm blanket until you are engulfed in happiness and love.

We have made a tradition out of watching this (and many more) Christmas movies for the past 20 years or better. Even now, with my girls grown and moved out on their own with families of their own, I will still watch my Christmas movies. Sometimes I watch them by myself, and sometimes I watch them with my husband. And on those very rare occasion that I get to watch it with my grandchildren, I get to experience that childlike joy and laughter all over again.

I also relive memories of other Christmases from my own past during this time. Seeing how today is my 35th wedding anniversary and that I have three grown children ranging from 34 to 28 years old, I have many, many great memories to relive. If the season gets too busy and I find myself missing my favorite movies, I will even forego sleep to get them all in. Crazy? I know it probably is, but I get all nostalgic during the holidays.

There are other addictive famous lines from this film like:

“Hoity Toity, Mr. godlike smarty pants.”


“What, What?” you have to see it to understand


“God bless my broken little body.”

If these quotes don’t make any sense to you, then I would suggest you dig up the film and watch it; you don’t even have to wait until Christmas.

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