Lovely Blogger Award

I may actually be a bit of a procrastinator. I never would have believed it to be true of me – the person who plans for a plan – but it must be so.

I was pursuing some older comments from one of my first blogs that I wrote and came across a post where a new and dear blogger friend nominated me for The Lovely Blogger Award.


Okay, it was dated back in September of 2012! At the time, I didn’t know of five fellow bloggers that I could nominate (one of the conditions of the award), so I put it on the back “to do” burner and pretty much forgot about it. Sorry Marsha!

The rules state that I should thank the nominator – so THANK YOU MARSHA LEE, a.k.a., The History Gal @, who is one of the loveliest bloggers I know! I really didn’t mean to leave this undone for so long. In the past several months, I have gotten to know several bloggers quite well and consider them some of my best friends (even if we have never met in person)!

Here are the Rules for the Lovely Blogger Award

1. Thank the nominator

2. Copy and paste the award logo onto your post.

3. Nominate 5 other people.

4. Tell them that you nominated them. (I hope I did this right, I put their URLs in the trackbacks section)

5. List seven random things about yourself


As I’ve said, before a few months ago, I  didn’t know enough bloggers, now I’m having a hard time choosing, but choose I did and here they are:

1.  – a most gifted and inspiring photographer who always has a kind word and makes me laugh.

2. – who has taught me so much about the world of blogging, you make me laugh and live a life I’ve never had, Thanks Paula!

3.  – Island Traveller you always have a kind word of encouragement and your blogs inspire me to do more a be more!

4. – Patricia your faith and love and devotion to God and family inspire me!

5. – Ingrid, I’m just getting to know you but you have already taken me on a beautiful journey as you travel the roads in your RV!

Seven Random Things About Me

1. I like to photograph things in my yard while still in my PJ’s

2. I tried a Vegan diet for 6 weeks. It didn’t stick, I like cheese too much to be totally vegan.

3. I just started playing cards with a group of old ladies once a week, we call it Tuesday’s With Tommie (Tommie is a senior citizen friend who doesn’t get out much, but boy can she play)!

4. I definitely BRAKE for garage sales, so don’t follow me in a car too close!

5. I can hole up reading teen fantasy fiction novels for several days in a row – if you don’t believe me, just look at my kitchen!

6. I will celebrate my 35th anniversary next Wednesday – that is if I don’t forget again (the hubby’s the one with the good memory)

and .  . .

7. I love to eat chocolate chips mixed in peanut butter – it has to be creamy Jiff!

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