Cha, Cha, Cha Chia Margarita????

All of us of some age, remember the catchy jingle for the ever popular Chia Pets – Cha, Cha, Cha Chia Pets!

Well, I never got one of those clay pets with fast growing “hair;” my parents thought they were stupid. Recently, I’ve added Chia seeds to my diet – amazingly high in good Omega 3s and since I NEVER eat fish, I wanted to include them. While I was grinding my seeds (they don’t digest otherwise), I spilled a handful on the counter.

Light Bulb! Wonder if these seeds sold for consumption will grow! I didn’t have any clay heads – animal or otherwise – so I threw some good soil into an old margarita glass I got at a thrift store for another project. That was Sunday night.

My Tuesday, this is what they looked like:



Look at the roots

Look at the roots

And today, Thursday, my Chia Margarita has a full head of hair!

Rapunzal Let Down Your Hair

Rapunzal Let Down Your Hair

Who knew seeds could be so fun! I wonder how long it will grow before it dies. I think I might add it to my salad tonight!

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