I love reading Stuff I Tell My Sister, it makes me feel like this is my childhood, my adventure, my road trip . . . Paula’s latest road trip took me to my own repurposing adventures with bowling balls. I have started creating garden gazing balls with these durable castoffs; so naturally, I fell in love with her adventure. Plus, this gave me tons of new ideas to do with these heavy and lasting old balls. I was never a good bowler (cross-eyed and hand/eye coordination doesn’t bode well together), but my parents were avid bowlers. We had more trophies than balls, so I didn’t discover what a treasure these old things were until much later in life!
I hope you enjoy The Bowling Ball Man

Broken pieces of colorful poetry, glass beads and dozens and dozens on woman hours transformed this old bowling ball into a welcomed addition to my own garden.

stuff i tell my sister

When I remember to charge my camera battery AND don’t forget to grab the sd card, I love to snap pics on our journeys to where ever.  I also (and I think this comes from living on or near Route 66 most of my life) love to watch for “novelty” signs along the way.  If there happens to be a fruit stand, a giant teepee or a winery, I must follow the crazy signs through the boonies until we find the place.  We did some of these wild goose chases last week on hubby’s time off. yes, he is a good sport about this!  Sometimes, when you chase rabbits, it can change your life for that moment.  Other times, forever.  This day ~ our chase left us in awe at the hard work and imagination of this creator.  We also laughed.  A. Lot.  And that’s what made the journey worth while ~ Kudos…

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