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I love taking photos of fireworks — it is the challenge that appeals to me the most. I especially love to push the envelope and see what I can do with an ordinary fireworks image to make it more spectacular. Some of these are just straight shots, others have been manipulated through the lens and not in Photoshop or other digital darkrooms. Never assume just because you don’t have a tripod that you  cannot take amazing night fireworks shots. The only limit is my imagination.

Burst of Beauty: This is just a straight shot using a tripod and a long exposure; from my Fireworks Series

Starlight Starbright: This was just a straight shot using a monopod and a long exposure. I caught it just as the tips of the burst were at its brightest.

PlasmaWorks: From my Fireworks Series -- hand held, lens manipulation, not done in Photoshop.

FlowerBurst: This yellow/white burst that resembles a flower was a through the lens manipulation, hand held; also from my Fireworks Series

Light Writing: This is another through the lens manipulation. However it has been converted to black and white; who knew fireworks could look good with no color?

Electrifying: This was another through the lens manipulation; I may have tweaked the color a bit with a hue and saturation - Shocking isn't it?

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