A World Without A Conscience

There is a reason I do not watch the news, and the fact that I am writing this post at 2 a.m. is testament to why not. I don’t do well with ugly news. In fact, I dwell on it and am sickened by it until I lose much sleep.

I recently read a post on Face Book by fellow blogger (Stuff I Tell My Sister) about a young friend of hers who was recently attacked on the school bus. What began as typical bullying for this 11 year old girl, turned into a brutal attack by teenage boys.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 2.55.58 AM

The sixth grader from Skiatook, Oklahoma is no stranger to the hateful name calling that leave her feeling “left out and not wanted,” but soon the words turned to punches.

The young child said she was riding the bus home when someone dared a high school boy to punch her. She tried ignoring the threats as she had done with the verbal abuse not “thinking he would really punch” her.

“He punched me in the right side of the face with his closed hand and then I turned around and looked at him and he slapped me with the other,” the child told a reporter wishing to remain anonymous.

The attack was so severe that her mother had to rush her to the ER where it was determined that she had suffered a concussion. Charges have been filed and the school system appears to be taking this current attack seriously, but considering that the child has been bullied for years, is it a little too little too late?

Then I came upon a news story about a new “game” running rampant throughout the country called the knockout game. This new past time consists of youths and young adults walking up to complete strangers and punching them hard enough to knock them out. At least two deaths have been linked to this deadly game according to the Associated Press.

An image caught on security video of someone falling victim to the punching game.

An image caught on security video of someone falling victim to the punching game.

I put the two disturbing stories together and can’t help but wonder if the boys on the bus were engaging in this new game. And if they were, why?

What has happened to people today? For years, back to a time when my own grown children were small, the theory has been that violent video games have desensitized people to violence. The nay sayers said this was a bunch of hooey, but now I’m not so sure.  Also add to the this, the increasingly violent movies and television shows, and I can’t help but wonder if there is not some truth in this. I know my own level of tolerance to disturbing images has strengthened over the years. I used to not be able to even watch old black and white horror movies without cringing in fear; now, I watch Criminal Minds each week without even batting an eye.

Could it be chemical? Something in our environment that is turning us into monsters? A side effect from inoculations or exposures to pesticides? Sound impossible? Can we truly know how things that have been introduced into our environment in the last 20 years can affect our psyche?

Or is it more fundamental than all of this?

Is it a breakdown of basic human values that is turning us into sociopaths, devoid of conscience, compassion or empathy?

With the collapse of the family and the omission of Godly principals from schools, workplaces, government and every other aspect of human life, what is left is a general disregard for human life. What else could cause a young man of 15 or 16 years of age, just 10 years from sitting in his momma’s lap, to try to hit a young girl so hard that it sends her to the hospital?

In order to protect every person’s right to choose their own way to believe (or not believe), we have deleted any type of good or moral teachings out of this world. When you take away one stimuli, another will take its place. When you remove good, evil will prevail.

I won’t even begin to say that I know the solution. I do know the answer for me and my house; we will serve the Lord. But you cannot dictate moral behavior; it must be every person’s individual choice. But I do know that I worry for my grandchildren and their friends. What will this world be like in yet another 10 years?


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  1. Island Traveler
    Dec 03, 2013 @ 22:31:33

    I saw the news as well and top of being shocked of how so many young ones now are so violent and shows no conscience horrified me as a parent and as a human being. We need to create an environment where our kids feel safe. An environment where no matter how old, people respect the law and if needed, these perpetrators be brought to justice both as an example to our society and as a form of justice for the victims and their grieving families. I do believe in second chances but some people don’t have the heart and conscience to change and repent. They need to be in jail before another son or daughter is harmed. More than prayers, we need actions.


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