Making Some Textures

I’m rebogging this so I can keep the tutorial.


I am still away and thought I would do a quick post on textures.  Most of you know that I have been adding textures to the fine art portraits.  I take photos often of textures, stonework, woodwork, fences, anything really that has a nice texture.  I have almost 300 now, but I haven’t been happy with many of them for this work and decided it was time to make my own.

LeanneCole-plaster-6199This one was done with a plaster stuff that you used to fix holes in the walls.  I smudged it onto the paper and then when it was dry put some watered down paint over the top.

LeanneCole-6bpencil-6206This is just 6B graphite drawn and smudged on the paper.  The idea being the centre would be the lightest part.

LeanneCole-crumpled-6211Rag paper soaked in tea and then scrunched up, then flattered then scrunched up again.  I did that about three or…

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