Fear the Juice!

In honor of Memorial Day and all the picnics and backyard parties, I’m reposting this. If you don’t need this info now, you will before the summer is out. Although, I just priced a medium size watermelon yesterday and it was $10! That is ridiculous!

Through The Lens

You know, it really is true what they say; necessity is truly the mother of invention.

Well actually this could be classified as more of a discovery rather than an invention; but it was of my own making.

My discovery, invention or technique came about from those dreaded four words my husband begins uttering about this time every year, “Let’s get a watermelon!” Now, I have nothing against watermelons. In fact, I rather like eating them. But its the ensuing mess that makes me cringe.

You see, I have an aversion to messes, especially sticky, hard to clean messes. The kind of messes my husband makes when he cuts up an often way too large watermelon. Juice everywhere: on the counter, all over the sink, on the floor, a trail of drips leading out the door when he not so carefully takes out the rinds. And if you have ever…

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