May Photo-a-day Challenge: Day 14 A Memory

Okay, so how do you photograph a memory? Photographs can trigger a memory, but take a photo of a memory??

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not digging this challenge’s categories, but being the Type A personality that I am, I am determined to finish!

Most of my memories (from before I was married) are not that great. I have issues with my memory, so I rely on my photos to keep my memories from fading (the bad and the good). So what I’ve done is found a couple of “old” photographs that make me smile and remember. Considering how many photographs I have, this was a neat trick to choose only two!

The first one is a photo I took with my 110 film camera when I was in junior high school. It is a very blurry photo of my very best childhood friend and companion – my horse, Sparky. Without this four-legged friend, I would not have survived some of the abuses I endured.


Day 14: A Memory.
My faithful childhood friend, Sparky.

This next photo is of my youngest daughter when she was just a baby. I was a nervous mommy and one day she just disappeared! I lived in a very small house and it didn’t take long to search everywhere, but to no avail. I was just about to call the police when I heard a giggle coming from under the Christmas tree. Sure enough, there she was, hiding from me and checking out the gifts!

Day 14: A Memory. Micah hiding under the Christmas tree!

Day 14: A Memory.
Micah hiding under the Christmas tree!


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