This is from a friend’s blog but my hubby is also a realtor and can relate.

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

What do I know about real estate sales people?  First of all I used to be one.  I was 21, single, living in Portland, Oregon, and my dad was a broker in Indiana.  I had to show him that anything he could do, I could do also.  Not better, mind you.  Secondly, I am married to one.  Yes, V is a realtor, and a good one.

Realtors are busy folks.  You might think it is easy money being a realtor, but I assure you that it is not.  Just the opposite.  First, sales is a difficult art.   A sales person is not only selling property; they are selling themselves, and constantly having to remind people how capable they are in a humble way.  Next, realtors need to know how to coordinate between buyers and sellers,and the myriads of people who are involved with real estate:  loan, title and escrow officers…

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