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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

A green frog in my backyard pond, with a white flower on his nose 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge 12: Renewal 3

I actually tried to post this with the others, but thanks to the wonders of technology, my internet went down right in the middle. So, not only did I not get it posted, I apparently lost my draft that I had saved. I guess I will start over. Does anyone know how to retrieve a saved draft? Anyway, here is my missing part three.

Belle and Bekah about a year before Bekah got sick

When thinking about renewal, I can’t help but think of both my eldest daughter, Rebekah, and my granddaughter, Isabelle.

Just a couple weeks before Bekah got sick, her family took a trip of a lifetime. We think the exposure to so much sun is what brought on the sudden flare up of Sarc.

Both have had a horrible couple of years, and both have come out on the other side -for lack of a better term – alive. I would call that renewal.

At Easter, she had her second eye infection in two months. We didn’t think anything about it – just allergies.

Playing carefree with her cousin. This was about three weeks before Isabelle’s diagnosis and the horror that ensued.

About two years ago, Rebekah or Bekah as we call her, started having horrible (and I mean HORRIBLE) pain. After months of tests, she was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis. There is literally very little research, no successful treatment plan and no cure (the only thing they know is that you either get over it in about two years or you have it for life). Needless to say she spent nearly a year trapped in her body wracked with pain, unimaginable swelling and breathing problems. Oh and she is apparently allergic to Vit. D, so sunshine intensifies the symptoms, and she can no longer sing because of the pressure around her ribs and lungs – this part breaks my heart, because she sings like an angel.

Ever since she could talk, Bekah sang. She was leading worship when she started having trouble breathing.

Just when she was beginning to get a handle on this plague that had fallen upon her body, her baby girl, Isabelle, developed a high fever. It lasted over a week even on treatment. I don’t know how, but her doctor suspected something – maybe it was the two eye infections and two cases of strep throat in the previous six months – but whatever it was, he sent her to a hospital for “more” tests. We later learned that he believed what he suspected and even noted it in her chart – Leukemia.

Her first round of chemo caused several severe reactions including mucusitis, which caused her not to be able to talk, swallow, breath, horrible pain and ate big holes in her mouth. This was her first trip to the ICU and the morphine induced stupor for over three weeks.

Her first smile after the waking up from the morphine.

The doctors at Children’s told us this man was a genius, saint, fill in your own adjective, because they never see patients this soon. Isabelle did in fact have Leukemia, and one of the most rare childhood strains. So began HORRIBLE treatment, two near death close calls and days of sickness, pain and baldness. In spite of it all, Belle never lost her smile – except when she was in a morphine induced coma of sorts or in ICU. She also never lost her will to live, and live she did. She gave the nurses heck, played like there was no tomorrow and beat the odds to come home to us in remission six months later. She still has two years of maintenance drugs and about five years of clean health before they will call her cured, but I’m claiming it now. And although Bekah still has her malady, I’m praying for complete healing for her as well.

My dear friend Rick Carr, Carr Portrait Arts, took this image as part of his Portraits of Hope project. I love the orange scarf, which is for Leukemia.

Rebekah and Isabelle both feeling much better. Just over a month after Belle’s last chemo treatment at the Art With A Heart Fundraiser for childhood cancer.

Just a few weeks ago, I think she likes the shorter hair.

These two beautiful girls have taught me so much about life, about never giving in to death, about RENEWAL.

Weekly Photo Challenge 12: Renewal 2

The other reminder of renewal for me is when my very large (upwards of 150 tall) begins to put on leaves. They start life so very tiny and end up with leaves as big as a dinner plate. Sorry, I don’t have any images of the large leaves, by the time they reach their full size, its in the heat of the summer, and I’m usually not in the mood for outdoor shooting!

Almost looks like an odd shaped bird about to take flight These seed pods get about the size of a golf ball and are a great source of entertainment for my grands as they love to stomp on them and cover my front porch with thousands of furry seeds.

I love the way the new life just “pokes” out from the end of the branches.

I have titled these Tiny Dancer, because the day I shot theses, the wind was blowing about 20-30 mph – not uncommon for the Dust Bowl State.

I love these tender little leaves in the spring; they are so perfect and the prettiest shade of green!

Weekly Photo Challenge 12: Renewal 1

I personally think this subject would have been better suited for the springtime when renewal is all around us. As it is, everything around me is in a state of going dormant.

the huge cluster of buds (they are really not red, but I guess fushia bud doesn’t roll of the tongue as well) show the maturity of this tree.

But with that said, I have to admit that pursuing through my photo archives for those moments that mean renewal to me has reminded me to look to life once again – that it is not that far off and never really out of reach.

I never tire of photographing this tree

I have chosen images from my Redbud tree. Although it is in a sad state of dying, it still puts out the beautiful buds each spring on its few remaining living limbs that have given this state tree of Oklahoma its colorful name. In its prime, this beautiful tree was rounded and perfect, looking like it belonged in the most beautiful Japanese garden and not in the middle of a state once known for its Dust Bowl.  I haven’t the heart to cut it down, so I’ve planted grape hyacinths on either side of its trunk, and they are doing well to cover the empty dead branches. I love this symbiont (some would call it parasitic) exchange of life going on between these two plants, while one is dying the other is just beginning to live. And because they bloom at different times, I have color all spring.

Still beautiful. It is pretty when the buds actually open up, but I love this stage better.

This plant, bush, shrub begins its flowering life as a tiny bud.

But ends up quite large

Hope you enjoy my color!

Hidden Colors

For whatever reason – drought or flip-flopping temperatures – the fall foliage colors aren’t quite as vibrant this year.

Although these leaves are pale, the red undercurrent brightens the image.

But that didn’t stop me from getting out and snapping shots of the changing leaves. When I looked at the trees as a whole, I was a little disappointed, but as I was looking at the closeups of the individual leaves, I discovered hidden beauty.

Not quite Crimson, but getting there

Variety is beautiful

There’s the red!

Humans are like that; lately. When you step back an look at us as a whole, we disappoint. But when you pick out the individual souls, you begin to see the real beauty interlaced amongst the rubble.

Almost overlooked, but pleasantly surprised and impressed

Cascade of Red

Flame Kissed; God does beautiful work!

Have a great day!

Photo Challenge 11: Geometry

Even though I really disliked math and never took geometry as a high school student (or college for that matter), I love geometry in photography. Lines, arches, circles, intersections, leading lines and convergences get my photo heart pumping. I love to figure out new ways to make them special on film (or now, data). Buildings, doors, windows and other types of architecture make me pause to see the beauty behind the lines.

I have posted this before, but it remains one of my favorites. The St. Louis Arch is massive and has been photographed tens of thousands ways. Here is my take on a familiar landmark.

I loved the stacking lines in this image of a door within a window

I love the repetitive lines of these forgotten doors

In this image, man and nature do a dance of geometry as the shadows mimic the manmade structure.

These are all images I have posted in some other blogs, but they remain some of my favorites. Have a great week.

You have got to see all these cool photos of the decorated Halloween houses.

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