Photo Challenge 8 (I mean 9): BIG

I really did have a specific image I wanted to take for this challenge; and I have taken this particular image when I was a photojournalist, but I don’t have access to those photos any more. 😦

I live in the central part of Oklahoma, and it really is true what it says in the song, “where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain.” We Oklahomans have taken advantage of that wind to harness a ever constant source of energy through wind farming. Windmills are everywhere! Not the Don Quixote type, but the three limb monstrosities that are lined up like some type of alien invasion on every available hilly pasture land near where I live. You cannot get the full feeling of their immenseness until you see a single blade being transported by an extra long semi truck down our small town city streets.

From Sneek Peek: Warners Chases After “Don Quixote” website

That is what I wanted to share with you, but I didn’t happen upon a delivery this week, so I went with plan B and dug through old photos until I found some of my oldest grands being REALLY BIG goobers at some of our nearby museums.

This one was taken several years ago at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jinks, Oklahoma. They have this really BIG tank of fish that are hand fed by a diver in scuba gear. I set my oldest grandson (then about age 6) in front of the aquarium to take a photo using the fish as a backdrop. Just before I snapped the shot, a really big Puffer Fish swam into the frame to check out Ethan. To say Ethan Danger (yes, that really is his middle name) was surprised and perhaps a bit startled was an understatement. This remains one of my favorite shots of him (I know, its hard to keep up since I have so many favs, but what’s a grandma to do?).

Ethan Danger Ratcliffe has never really lived up to his middle name (his mom was on drugs when she agreed to this middle name)! He is tender and a bit timid about things, but he is a joy to his parents and especially this grandma!

The next couple of images were taken at the Sam Nobel Natural History Museum in Norman, Oklahoma. There is a REALLY BIG bronze sculpture of a Wooly Mammoth that we like to have fun with. Because of its huge size and the smallness of the room, and because I was using my iPhone (forgot my camera) these shots don’t have the whole mammoth in them, but you will get the idea!

This is a gag that we always have to partake in every time we go to the museum. The size and shape of the room, and the circular glass windows surrounding it make it hard to get a decent shot with the whole mammoth in it, especially using an iPhone. When, oh when, will I remember to bring my “real” camera with me on these outings?

My grands are such BIG goobers – they are, after all, their father’s children. They were being silly while gawking at the really BIG kahonnies on the Wooly Mammoth!

Have a great week! And perhaps I will make it over to a wind farm before the week is up to get the shot I really wanted to share with you!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ingrid
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 18:24:51

    Many of those windmills are manufactured right here in Colorado. You are right, they are huge. I still haven’t decided if I like the look of these windmill farms in the landscape. Look forward to seeing your photos! You can’t go wrong with kiddie photos 🙂


    • Darla Welchel
      Oct 15, 2012 @ 22:53:08

      Ingrid (I love your name BTW; I’m half German), my grands, all seven of them so far, are my fallback for the weekly photo challenges. Whenever I cannot get out to get a specific shot, I cull through my grand photos and always find something to fit the bill. The older set (the ones in the museum photos) are very creative and dramatic. We can never just take a shot, it has to always be choreographed. LOL Like one where they were in front of news helicopter fake running like it was after them (they did the same gag with a dinosaur display. The younger four are a bit more reserved or maybe just not old enough to think up this stuff.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


  2. island traveler
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 15:19:00

    You have the most amazing grand kids. Their facial expressions are priceless. From Ethan’s awesome surprise look to the smile, wonder and laughter of the 3 happy ones under the big bronze piece. Positively entertaining that makes me smile ….reminds me of my son myriad of facial expressions.


    • Darla Welchel
      Oct 16, 2012 @ 16:25:59

      Yes, they are definitely their mother’s (and father’s) children. My girls were and are all so photogenic – a trait they get from their own father (me not so much). They never cease to bring joy to my heart and laughter to my soul, which is why they are featured so often in my blogs. LOL Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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