Weekly Photo/Travel Challenge 6: Foliage/Color

I guess, the powers that be were a bit behind on posting the weekly photo challenge for this week, so fellow bloggers suggested a few themes. One was Travel: Foliage and the other suggestion was Color (since that time an actual photo challenge was posted and I will address that one in another post).

Seeing how I don’t really travel much, one trip to Mexico and a driving trip to Talimena¬†Skyline Drive in Oklahoma and Arkansaw last fall, I decided to combine color (Mexico) and foliage (Talimena) from both trips, oh and pay a little homage to Halloween and the Day of the Dead. I hope you enjoy!

It was so foggy and rainy the day we took our drive that I feared I wouldn’t get any shots. I soon took to taking macro shots of the individual leaves, which turned out far more pleasing than the landscapes.

We were actually in Progresso, Mexico on Day of the Dead, but didn’t see too much. We later found these trinkets in a small shop.

The spectacular colors of fall never cease to amazing and enthrall me! I can never get enough of looking or photographing them!

From our Mexico cruise: it amazed me that the artwork surrounding the Day of the Dead was so colorful!

Standing like Sentinels guarding the rest of the treeline, these beauties are just one example of the fauna around Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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