The “Real” Weekly Photo Challenge 7: Mine

I almost just ignored this challenge. We were instructed to produce an image that signified something we kept just for ourself. Something that was only mine.

I couldn’t come up with anything. Everything that I own or value, I would give away in a heartbeat to anyone who truly needed it or wanted it. Even “things” that I own and cherish now will one day belong to my daughters or grandchildren, so nothing is truly just mine.

Of course, my family came to mind – actually it was one of the first things to come to mind – but they don’t belong to me, but to God. I have always said that they are just on loan to me for a short while until  He needs them back. And I fear if I get too possessive with them, He will need them back sooner than I am ready.

So after some pondering, I came upon an idea. It is actually an idea of an idea; or more precisely, a moment in time that I can claim as truly mine. It is any time that I am alone and in which God shows Himself to me with such clarity that I know without a doubt that He is Awesome, Amazing, All-powerful and truly Mine! Glimpses of nature are when these moments of clarity most often come to me; its also when I most see God’s perfection. It is like the Father is saying to just me, “Hello, I’m still here and I Am with you always!”

And although nature is not really just “MINE,” the moments I share with God are. God is PERFECT, that is why all of these photographs are titled Perfect . . .


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  1. lifeofaministermom
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 20:42:57

    Beautiful photos, and the words you’ve shared have refreshed me in so many ways. Thank you Lord for ALWAYS being with us!


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