Weekly Photo Challenge 5: Solitary

As hard as I try, I cannot select just one image for these weekly photo challenges.

I was really going to try to stick with ONE SOLITARY image this week in honor of the challenge, but as I was perusing a few photos, I couldn’t help but chose more than one. Sorry. My first thought when I read the challenge, was the sun. Right now in Oklahoma, we have some really awesome sunsets. The sun is really big this time of year and often looks like a big burning globe as it makes its way to the horizon. I saw the perfect image day-before-yesterday, but alas, I did not have my camera with me (plus I was in the middle of Friday evening rush hour traffic. But it was spectacular. You will just have to take my word for it. I could have gone out this evening, but where I live, I have a ton of really large trees on the west side of my property and I cannot see the sunset properly. I was just too lazy to get in my car to scout out a better location. Perhaps another day.

My other idea was of one of my seven grandchildren – so many others have posted beautiful images of children in the angelic state of being alone. But with such a large family, I seldom ever see any of them by themselves, and which grandchild do I single out without hurting another’s feelings? So I decided to go with plan C; cull through the images on my Mac and find images that fit the bill.

Anyway, here are a few images that I have taken in the past few months that sum up this challenge for me. I hope you enjoy.

Caught in the early morning rays with morning dew still clinging to its form, this lone grape hyacinth bloom still remains one of my favorite images. What I find so interesting about this lone little bud is that it will produce hundreds of petals when fully bloomed.

A solitary monarch butterfly hitches a ride on the back of a Harley. I actually shot this one for a front page photo while I was working as a photojournalist. The juxtaposition of nature and machine has always made me smile.

We all do it. When faced with a garden full of beautiful flowers, we search and snap until we find that one solitary, perfect bloom. This is one of my favorites and although its original color was deep red, I love it in black and white.

In our family, at Christmas, stockings are a really big deal. This is not artistically beautiful in any way, but in a sad and silly way – it really fits the bill perfectly. With our large family, we have 17 stockings and it’s a big todo when we open them. Last Christmas, my son-n-law, Caleb, was sick and couldn’t come for Christmas morning. His forlorn stocking – stuffed to the brim – looked so sad all by itself on the mantle.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. island traveler
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 04:55:54

    Stunning and beautiful. The butterfly on top of Harley was an exciting suprise!


  2. Darla Welchel
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 12:50:32

    Thank you; yes, it was one of those rare “right place at the right time moments,” as he wasn’t there for long. I was covering a bike rally and saw the beautiful fellow land on the back of this Harley. I think he was looking at himself in the vanity plate. šŸ™‚


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