Not Enough Time

With the garage sale I did this weekend, I’ve gotten horribly behind on my emails.

I have several (about a dozen) blogs that I now subscribe to and it takes a while to read each one, especially when you get three days behind. Some bloggers actually blog everyday! I feel I owe it to each one of these creative people to at least read their words and look at their images, even if I don’t reply to everyone of them. And with my slow internet service, It takes a while for them to load, especially if they have a lot of photographs.

I had only made it through about one third  of them when I had to move on to something else. The stories were beginning to all run together, so I will save the rest for later tonight or tomorrow.

I spend so much time reading other’s blogs that I don’t have time to write on my own.

LOL Happy Sunday.

This image has nothing to do with garage sales or bloggers, but since I love flowers and adore purple, I thought I would share it with you.

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