The Makeup of a Dream

Dance of Dreams by Josephine Wall

I have always been fascinated by the meaning of dreams. What do they mean? What sparked a particular dream? Why can’t I remember most of them, and when I do, why do they slip away almost as soon as I wake?┬áBut I had a dream last night that was so vivid, and when I awoke, the nerdy scientist in me analyzed it for hours trying to figure out where the interesting story/imagery came from.

The story was unique and had no basis in anything from my waking world, but the individual elements of the dream could be traced back to events, objects, places and even people that have crossed my path – most as of recent. Elements like: dressers, from my repurpose work; legos, from playing with my grandson; a special guest in the audience, Rue from the Hunger Games; the Newcastle Fair Barn, the farmers market; the Thunder team; an area around where I grew up; almost getting backed over by a car; an ice skating rink, from a show I recently watched – and the list goes on and on. Although the imagery of the dream was very familiar (after I tracked it all down in my memories), the story itself was completely original. In fact, I haven’t been able to sufficiently attach a memory to the star of my dream – a very talented and extremely tiny little girl. I have several theories about her presence in my dream – one of them came to me in the dream itself – but none of them fit her as clearly as the rest of the imagery.

That is another thing that puzzles me – how I’m sometimes able to manipulate my dreams from within – very weird, but I digress.

I can see where writers come up with some of their most bizarre story ideas; this dream played out in perfect clarity from beginning to end at least as perfect as any dream can be. In fact, Stephanie Meyer reportedly claimed her idea for the Twilight series came to her in a dream. I have never tried my hand at fiction before, but perhaps if I have any more dreams with this type of clarity, and I remember them, then maybe I just might write the next best seller!

This artwork has an almost Nightmare Before Christmas-esque quality – maybe it is where Tim Burton came up with his idea???

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