Not Your Typical Holiday Weekend

I approached the latest holiday weekend with a bit of bummed-outedness and a just a wee bit more jealousy as I was reading everyone’s plans on Facebook.

The weekend was not what I had hoped for; Clint pretty much had to work the whole weekend, most of my kids had plans of their own except Micah who spent a couple days with us. Also, I was still suffering from laziness, so I didn’t get as much done as planned. I always have these grand plans of getting a lot done over a three-day weekend, and then Clint’s availability kind of puts a kink in things. We did get to enjoy a nice afternoon and evening with Micah at an outdoor jazz festival. We then went for dinner and back to her place to watch a movie. It was a great time of hanging out with our youngest daughter.

Micah and Clint both love Jazz music!

On Monday, Clint and I tagged teamed  and finally got the house and yard done. I cleaned most of the house first, and then Clint vacuumed (my rehurt shoulder still doest like the monster vacuum cleaner called Kirby) while I mowed around the lilly pond and perimeter of our property (Clint doesn’t see well enough to cut in close to the trees, and he is very allergic to poison ivy). Then we switched; he finished mowing while I steam mopped all the hard floors (pretty much every floor except the bedroom and living room). I finally felt like I managed to accomplish at least something!

After showers, Clint went to the store to get us a nice melon while I finished my gazing ball mosaic project. This is a project I’ve been working on all week. Took much longer than I anticipated, but I was ecstatic to put the last piece of pottery in place; now all I have to do is grout it and repaint the base. I needed a new one because Clint “tapped” my glass one with the weed eater at the first of summer and broke the one I’ve had for years. I like the new mosaic one better though; more color!

My first mosaic garden ball; all that’s left to do is grout it and repaint the stand!

Micah joined us later that evening for leftovers and to catch up on episodes of Eureka and Person of Interest.
It might not have gone like I would have wished for a holiday weekend, but it was good and was more relaxing than a busy one.


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