Versatile Blogger Award

I am not what you would call an active blogger. In fact, if I get in one blog a month, I feel fortunate. I began Through the Lens a year or so ago as an outlet for all the leftover photos, stories and thoughts I had while working as a photojournalist and reporter.

I admire those of you out there that are faithful to talk to the internet world each and every day – I only wish I had that kind of discipline. One blogger that I read on a daily basis is Stuff I Tell My Sister ( by an old friend Paula B. Her blogs are something to look forward to (yeah, I know I ended that sentence with a preposition – sorry Kim, couldn’t be helped). They inspire me to look on the brighter side of this world. As a former journalist, I tend to be too serious. They also make me long for childhood memories of fun with family and friends.

Paula honored me recently by passing on the mantel of the Versatile Blogger Award. She was honored by fellow bloggers and one of the stipulations is to share seven random facts about myself. So here I go:


1. The smell and sound of leather and tack make me happy and take me back to long rides with my very faithful friend, Sparky – the best darn horse a girl could have. Think Lassie with a longer tail. Without that four-legged friend, I would not have had any special memories of my childhood.

Sparky was a half quarter horse/half welsh pony. But he was the best darn natural cutting horse around. I learned that the hard way while chasing a farmer’s cows.

2. My dream was to become a veterinarian, which is really ironic since my super sensitive nose can’t stand the smell of dogs! And don’t even get me started on puppy breath! I much prefer the smell of horses

I wasn’t a very good photographer back in ’75, but I still love this pic of Sparky romping in the snow.

3. I am a giant mosquito magnet. If there is one within a hundred feet of me, it will zero in on me and suck until it strikes gold and leave behind huge welts.

4. I have binocular vision (kind of like a horse). My eyes both focus separately from each other – makes seeing 3D impossible. It also makes me see ghost images and makes me jumpy (kind of like a horse). Do you see the pattern forming here?

5. I am a really big geek. I love ALL things Star Trek; I have seen every episode of every series made, even the last one. I also love Star Wars, Lord of the Ring, and pretty much any fantasy fiction!


6. I have been repurposing things long before it became a trend. I remember revamping some very old and ugly dressers for my bedroom, dying old bath rugs to match, painting a gilt mirror and decoupaging and old found jug to complete the perfect 70s bedroom.

7. When I was a teen, I said I was going to be single until I was 60. I in fact was married at 18 and a mom at 20. I spent the next 25 years doing the best job in the world, being a stay at home mom of three beautiful and unique daughters and wife to the craziest man I know. I now have the family that I never had and have been busy making memories with them and now with my soon-to-be seven grands!

Clint and I always laughed at this photo taken right after Bekah (daughter # 1) had her first baby. She joined us for a day out with her two sisters who happened to have just dyed their hair blue (Micah) and red (Sarah). She had just bleached her hair really blond – very patriotic


Me and Papa with the “GRANDS.” Ethan Danger, McKenzie Christian, Isabelle Jade, Owen Caleb, Aeden Lily and Carea Bailey. Chole will be here in August.















I am supposed to pass the mantle on to other bloggers, but as of the moment, I know none except my daughter who blogged her daughter’s experience fighting cancer. Rebekah journaled on Isabelle’s Caring Bridge site. If you want to read some truly inspiring, sometimes funny, often heart wrenching blogs, then check out


Isabelle was able to perform in her end of the year dance recital.


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  1. stuffitellmysister
    May 09, 2012 @ 05:17:34

    This is beautiful ~ I love reading your blogs….always from the heart. And I love your family. You were all so encouraging to my boys during those important transition years. Thank you for that ♥ I always wanted a horse, but truth be known, when I would go on trail rides…mine was the one that went OFF trail into the woods with me screaming like a girl. Even a couple of weeks ago on our trip to Missouri, a trail ride was suggested. My sister looked at me and we both laughed. I told them to GO and I would take pics and read a book! I now admire horses from afar….and just enjoy my two pups AND I give them tic tacs for that dog breath! lol ♥


    • Darla Welchel
      May 09, 2012 @ 15:25:50

      Paula, Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I always wanted a horse, even before I ever saw a real one. When my dad retired it was one of the first special things my parents did for just me. I ended up with Sparky, because he was cheap. He was young and stubborn and could tell a novice when he smelt the fear on me. I spent the first year in a lot of bushes because he would just head for them and stand there unmoving or trying to get on him from a barrel because he would kick at me when I tried to mount him.
      My love for horses and my own stubbornness prevailed and we soon became content companions.


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