Stop the Insanity!

Early winter brings so many surprises: rain, snow, ice, harsh winds and an onslaught of telephone books.

Daily, through the month of January, I approach my mail box with trepidation; what giant waste of natural resources will be waiting for me next? I mean, come on, in this day of technology at our immediate fingertips, does anyone really still use phone books? Okay, I will grant that there are those still out there that would rather let their fingers do the walking through thousands of pages of a telephone directory instead of over the keyboard to instant access to the internet, but exactly how many phone books does one person really need?

Just how many phone book does a person really need? By Darla Welchel

To date, I have received six! Six local and not so local books filled with countless numbers that I will never need and ads that I will never look at. As I was properly disposing of last years accumulation of useless books that I barely ever opened, I realized that some of them were still wrapped in the protective, non-biodegradable, plastic. Honestly, the only one I ever use is the local Tri-City book, of which I received three – all with one or two different towns added to it to increase the ads sells.

People say that print newspapers are on their way out, and that is seen by the decrease in ad sells; but do producers honestly think that consumers still look through the phone books to find the best deals? Maybe locally, but if I’m looking for something specific, I travel no further than Google. I mean you can ask it anything and a dozen different sites will pop up with the item you are looking for usually heading the list.

With so much hype about global warming, deforestation and the need to become a paperless society, why oh why are we be inundated with so many enormous waste of natural resources? Yes, I know, many are made from recycled paper, but when people are done with them, most end up in the landfill, not the recycle bin.

To me this is insane, but I guess as long as there are companies out there willing to advertise in these books and publishing companies willing to print them, we will continue to showered with more useless telephone books during the month of January.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stuffitellmysister
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 23:01:25

    I cannot believe you get that many phone books!!! Wow! I think we only get three, which is too many. We use the local and otherwise, the internet. You are right, it seems like a waste of $, but I guess it keeps folks employeed.


  2. Darla Welchel
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 18:02:37

    That is one way of looking at it. 🙂


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