War of the Leaves

I love to watch fall leaves tumbling and twirling across my yard.

They are so beautiful with their colorful coats like uniforms of a soldier; standing as a testament to a job well done after the long hot summer.

But not in June.

Leaves are supposed to be on the trees and not on the ground in June.

The recent hailstorm waged a savage war on the beautiful shade trees that patrol my home. After the hail had subsided, nearly one third of the full-grown green leaves were driven to the ground in the cruelest of ways.

The leaves on the ground and the ones lying loose in the boughs of the tree coupled with the fierce Oklahoma wind have battled for control of my front porch and flowerbeds. No matter what tool I use, my super powerful leaf blower or my ever-vigilant broom, I cannot seem to win the scrimmage against the onslaught of fallen leaves attempting to invade my home as if they have forgotten whose side they are on.

Unfortunately, the biggest victim of this war was the shade trees. Where once these massive leafy soldiers stood at attention, sheltering my home and front yard from the suns attacking rays, now only a weak canopy remains.

I have raked and gathered the wounded leaves and carried them to the morgue to be cremated. Many of their brethren in arms remain at their post, hanging weakly on battered branches, not quite whole and splendid as before.

I have tried to be gentle with them as I have blown or swept them from the battlements, trying to remember that they are not the true enemy. It was the hail and the wind that are the real culprits. The leaves are but a small casualty of this ugly war.

And each day when I return to the battleground known as my front yard, I lament the loss of these beautiful soldiers. Soldiers whose primary job was to cool my home and help curtail higher summer utility bills.

There is nothing to be done but wait for new troops to arrive next spring. So, to combat the extra heat, I will add extra fans and ice water to keep cool this summer. I will also be prepared for the higher than normal bills that are sure to arrive.

But then again, that is the cost of war.

New leafy soldiers are beginning to arrive to take up the battle of the sun.

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