Is she for real or is it another bag of false promises?

I voted for her.
Mary Fallin. I’m not sure why, other than she was Republican.
But up until last week, I had never really paid much attention to what or who she is.
I had the opportunity to hear the new Governor speak at an industry convention, and I have to say I like what I heard – for the most part. She spoke common sense when so often politicians speak in circles often causing more confusion than clarification.
And then when I studied her State of the State address, I was further inspired by her words of trimming excessive and nonsensical government spending, standing against Obamacare and improving not only Oklahoma’s health care system but the health of Oklahoma and “really” improving education reform.
But as I re-read her speech for the third time, I started to read between the lines. Words like, “all of us will have to do more with less,” and “reforming our worker’s compensation system” had me wondering what all of this political talk really means.
If she actually does what she claims she is setting out to do, then well and good – she will be my hero. But if there are hidden agendas, then only time will tell the truth.
I guess you could say that I’m jaded by too many political lies and hidden agendas. Is it truly impossible to believe that a political leader actually has my best interest at heart?
So often the answer to that question is yes. Over the centuries, political leaders have proven that the buck really stops with them – literally, in their pockets.
They claim to be about the people, about saving the average tax payer money, but when push comes to shove – they are about exulting themselves, their careers and their bank accounts.
Politicians, no matter the party, always talk about balancing the budget and saving tax dollars right before they spend hundreds of thousands or millions on inaugural balls or expensive vacations.
I’m still reeling over the fact that our current president sent a presidential plane to retrieve his daughter’s dog when she missed him while they were on vacation in Maine – how does this save me money?
I can’t even afford to take a normal vacation, much less charter a plane for one of my pets.
I do hope Mary Fallin will turn out to be the exception rather than the rule. I do hope that she really can cut governmental spending by reducing waste like excessive paper use and procedures.
But I also hope that she will buckle down and take a look at out-of-control legislature and government agency payrolls and unnecessary parties – the real issues in budget shortfalls.
Mary, are you to be my hero or my nemesis? I hope hero. I personally can’t take much more of the latter.

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