Take Down Those Signs

Garage sellers beware of dirt-road-rage

In this time of economic stress and with the high cost of gas, nothing irks me more than to follow garage sale signs for many miles only to discover that they don’t lead to anywhere.
What I find at the end of my ugly colored rainbow of signs is that the afore mentioned garage sale is not longer open, and the perpetrator of the signs-left-behind only thought to remove the one sign in front of his or her home. More than once, I have been left with only disappointment after I have been on one of these wild goose chases to locate a garage or yard sale that might just possibly possess that item for which I’ve been searching for a number of years.
Now, I should mention, I’m not one of these people that has a bumper sticker plastered across the back end of my purple PT Cruiser that reads, “I Break For Garage Sales.” But when I do have a few minutes to indulge in the sport of bargain hunting, I certainly don’t want to waste precious time and gas on empty dreams. If a person has the energy and audacity to plaster signs on every vertical surface prior to their sale, then is it too much to ask that they take a few moments to go back and collect all the signs that haven’t otherwise been blown to Kansas by Oklahoma’s prevailing winds?
This simple act of kindness will prevent a lot of dirt-road-rage. It is not a pretty sight to see a grown woman ranting at the overgrowth of weeds on some lonely back road. All I ask for is fair representation of garage sale signs that lead to promised treasures.


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